Zero Energy Buildings

Buildings with energy efficiency are crucial as well as the biggest challenge of our time in order to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Since saving energy and curbing carbon emissions is vital for the Planet and has already become a global issue for most developed countries, European and international political organizations have taken series of measures and have established a set of guidelines in order to reduce energy consumption in buildings by 20% before 2020, consequently reducing carbon emissions.

In the EU, from 2018 the public buildings and after 2020, the private ones, would be allowed to be build only objects with zero energy consumption (Zeb).

Zeb are residential or commercial building with construction technology for maximum energy savings and capacity to produce energy from renewable sources in order to meet its needs or even more. In these buildings energy consumption from the line is zero and where appropriate they can contribute in the main line the unused energy produced by photovoltaic systems.

The main role for the certification of a building with zero energy consumption is based on the facade and what is called the outer covering of the building which has multiple functions including the production of thermal insulation and solar clean energy through photovoltaic systems. To get to this point many years of research were spent, scientific and technological experiments in the construction sector led the German expertise to enable today’s most advanced buildings and through Aluflor is now available in Albania.


  • Energy consumption in the building zero (or near) as well as zero carbon emissions.
  • Green energy production and maximum energy efficiency.
  • Almost 100% protection for the environment.
  • A new world for work and life.