AGC Interpane


INTERPANE is a German manufacturer and processer of the whole range of exclusive quality glass products for buildings from zero energy efficiency to armored glass, resistant to explosions. INTERPANE is the leader of high quality techniques for special glass outfits in order to reduce to minimum levels the energy efficiency through the conservation of interior temperature of the building, protection against the greenhouse effect of solar radiation in summer, the acoustic isolation is up to 52 dB as well as a range of options of a technology that improves continuously.

Learning that the most prestigious buildings on all continents are choosing this brand among many other worthy competitors is a honor and it is surprising that about 80% of Worldwide production is held by 10 Europe factories export.

Founded in 1971, INTERPANE, is a German company which aims from the beginning the quality improvement offering today products that science 10 years before considered impossible to be carried out by man capacities.

INTERPANE in 2012 entered into a strategic alliance with AGC Glass Europe creating an excellent product portfolio and a partnership of non-competitive products with unquestionable quality / quantity report in Europe and beyond.

INTERPANE is the company which also develops and creates the machinery for glass production and special processing establishing its market position as a leader in quality and innovation.

Aluflor provides through INTERPANE everything you want to know about glass products and opportunities arising in architecture and buildings by them. Only your curiosity is needed in order to guarantee you amazing results and minimum will help you make the right choices for your project.