TEmotion Intelligent Facade

TEmotion intelligent facade concept is a glass facade system invented and patented by Wicona which combines the elements of the most advanced technology nowadays in building facades. The facade itself reacts to climate change and external factors such as light and temperature in order to improve the façade energy façade and reducing operational costs. TEmotion control system integrated ventilation technology of air conditioning and heating, regulates the sun protection for the interior environments by preventing over-heating. At the same time by adapted means control the shadows allowing the light to enter indirectly. By automatic opening of facade elements, the system insert fresh air at night occasionally with significant reduction of the costs of cooling for the building. The system also enables the production of electricity for the needs of the building, through photovoltaic elements integrated in the façade.

Advantages of Intelligent facade TEmotion:

  • An integrated system: openings façade elements, ventilation, heating, sun protection, lighting.
  • The module concept, individual elements of the facade are placed together being mounted one by one.
  • Saving energy: unlike conventional facades, TEmotion system saves fro 40 to 50% of primary energy for heating, ventilation and lighting.
  • Individual adjustment for each element: the dimensions and distribution of special components can be adjusted and adapted in accordance with each building project.
  • Ideal solution for renovated buildings, because of all the technology that is integrated, the dimensions of the building remains limited in the areas of the face.
  • Natural ventilation in all weather conditions.
  • Very good acoustic insulation even if the windows are open.