3A Composites

3A Composites is World leader in processing and manufacturing of aluminum, especially for aluminum composite panels such as, the pioneer product invented in particular for this purpose, named Alucobond, a certified brand with excellent performance over 40 years against all weather extreme conditions throughout the world. 3A Composites joined Alcan Singen in 2009, becoming part of an experience over 100 years old in order to lead the market as one of the most innovative corporations in the construction materials field that provides solutions to numerous architecture projects, not only for new buildings but for also for older ones, transforming them into architecture art.

3A Composites guarantee for its products all safety certifications, highest energy saving and environmental protection standards established in European Union, meanwhile is among the very first companies that developed a system for the management and protection of the environment that exceed the state standards placed for this purpose. The Successful certification of Aluflor according to standards of EN ISO 14001 and EN ISO 50001 is the best evidence for the environmental responsibility.

2,500 employees worldwide, offices and factories in Germany, Switzerland, China, India, Brazil and the US, 3A Composites offers to its partners excellent technical service and orientation.

Aluflor launched in 2005 in Albania by bringing Alucobond as an exclusive product as well as promoting it to the most modern buildings constructed in Albania.

No matter how beautiful and special your project have been dreamed, if you choose to work with us, it will look even better because of our experts and architects world class services.