Bulletproof Façade

Technology in armored facades started and evolved from the need to protect human lives and high value properties. In the beginning of the glass facades apart it advantages of aesthetic, safety has always been a weak point, and for this reason lot of experiments, tests and level increase of security for the facades of glass as far as it can guarantee everything, from systems against vandalism and theft to protection against attacks with heavy caliber weapons and explosive blasts. Armored systems can be adapted very well in to all glass facade systems, doors and windows without removing any element in energy efficiency, acoustic insulation etc.

Systems requires high level of expertise and certification standards and if the issue of security is a problem for you, then Aluflor undertakes to provide all level of protection you prefer, through our German partners, INTERPANE and Wicona, who are specialized and certified for the highest levels of security that technology can offer today.

Your advantages:

  • Guaranteed protection of life and property from any situation or threat.
  • All parameters of thermal and acoustic insulation as a conventional façade.
  • Protection from theft and bulletproof protection as required by the Bank (Bank Ipasafe Glass BR3-S / P7B).
  • High level of security facade against attacks Category P8B & EH3.
  • Bulletproof facades against attacks with firearms, Category BR7-NS-NS & SG2 according to EN 1063.
  • Possibility to combine products and other elements of the portfolio of Aluflor’ facades.
  • The entire project is estimated and projected in Germany since the beginning until its final certification.