Agrob Buchtal


AGROB Buchtal is a German partner with more than 125 years of experience in the production, processing and continuous improvement of the quality ceramic tiles and ventilated facades, which through science brought the genius of nature into reality of architecture.

Ventilated tile façade specially treated with titanium dioxide surface functions like a self-cleaning effect and the photosynthesis of trees by extruding oxygen cleaning the environment on an ongoing basis.

Beside the quality and durability of hyper-testing for over 100 years, Agrob Buchtal through their research department has brought the perfect combination of architecture, functionality, efficiency in energy saving and majesty of nature surprising constantly with innovations.

Agrob Buchtal is part of Deutsche STEINZEUG Group with 1,676 employees worldwide, whose success lies not only on the superior product quality but also on the ability to serve more than 120,000 architects and designers with technical support and knowledge for projects realization.

The references realized in the most developed countries have now been joined by projects in Albania through Aluflor who made possible that edge cutting German science and technology to be a reality in our country.

Architects, designers and investors, if you want to have a truly green building in terms of energy and environmental efficiency, Aluflor will be your partner with certified products and solutions from Agrob Buchtal.