HT Coating

The product HT Coating from Deutsche Steinzeug, Agro Butchtal set totally new standards in all matter of cleanliness and hygiene due to its remarkable innovation and high quality. HT is the unique tile coating which is burnt into the ceramic surface and as a result offers special economical and ecological advantages. Besides the photocatalytic effect leads to the activation of oxygen in the atmosphere and the bacteria are destroyed. Apart from the fact that HT coating offers unlimited design possibilities and unique product characteristics, HT-coated tiles are extremely effective against bacteria, dirt and odors. In the same time, tiles can be kept easily clean by reducing the cleaning agents and the maintenance cost and increasing environmental protection.

Advantages of HT Coating

• Decomposition of bacteria, germs and odors.
• Produce oxygen and improvement of room climate
• Minimal cleaning required- low maintenance cost
• Friendly environmental
• Long term guarantee