Why Aluflor


Aluflor Construction Group is a Strategic Partner of German companies that have developed the most advanced technology and systems, facade materials, realizing the biggest references worldwide. For more than a decade of experience in the Albanian market with an impressive portfolio that covers all needs and requirements, Aluflor is your exclusive choice for facade design and implementation for buildings to ensure the maximum energy efficiency possible through the facade and return the investment spent in an optimal time.

With Aluflor you have a partner for all design solutions, consulting and implementation where each stage passes through the expertise and certification from our German partners.

Aluflor experience over the years has accumulated a database of procedures and solutions for the most complex problems by facilitating the process of design, consulting and implementation through safe practices.

If you choose Aluflor, you will save immediately money on the very first day because of the many years expertise, German specialists are in you disposition for your project, from initial conception until the realization of the final detail in place. You should only have a clear vision of what you want, or simply an idea and this is sufficient as for the rest we will take care.

We provide every investor, builder, designer or architect even before starting to spend time and money, a free consultancy to save on design.

If you choose us you will have from the beginning every possible advantage in this field of design and implementation for an efficient energy saving facade for the entire life of the building which will cost cheaper in initial investment, there will be a unique architecture in accordance with the main function, purpose, location, specific climatic conditions of the country, seismic criteria until the convenient accommodation for the users of the building and the surrounding community. With Aluflor you will have a facade with the same quality as in Germany, and with the only difference that it will cost you less.