A Word From CEO

 Aluflor was founded with these clear goals and objectives in mind:


“to establish a successful business in the construction industry”

“to create a productive and respectful company culture”

“to contribute to the community and social development”

“to nurture a skilled labor force”

“to lead the industry with sustainable and environmental initiatives”



Moreover, Aluflor aims at the installation and utilization of cutting-edge technology in the construction industry.


Increasing energy efficiency and reducing environmental pollution are not a local luxury, Aluflor contends, but rather an urgent necessity of our time. Leading economies around the world have agreed to invest in preventing future ecological catastrophes by implementing global regulations and standards for sustainability in buildings, those which Alufor commits to adhering to.


Currently, energy consumption from buildings consumes more than 40% of the energy resources worldwide, contributing to a critical increase of carbon emission level. If interventional measures are not implemented to reduce these levels, it can lead to severe consequences, gravely impacting the environment and all life on the planet.


Aluflor’s philosophy and responsibility is to bring awareness of energy saving and environmental protection through the providence of construction technology, as opposed to the vice of an endless thirst in making large profits and quick business without taking action or responsibility toward energy efficiency and its consequences.


We believe the minimum obligation owed to future generations is maintaining a legacy of maintaining and preserving a healthy environment, and passing down our inheritance to the next generation, as was given to us by our ancestors. Aluflor is not merely a profit-driven organization. Rather, it is a part of a very important, all-inclusive mission, whose effects and consequences will last for a minimum of half of a century, positively affecting our health and lives, the lives of our children.