Photovoltaic Façade

Contemporary architecture’s development and human needs has lead to us a product which exceeds all current expectations in the evolution of buildings. We may be aware of the importance of thermal insulation for buildings and their energy efficiency, but the production of energy from photovoltaic facade elements in glass are a truly gigantic step in the construction industry and architecture. In the future, independent buildings with minimum energy consumption will not only produce clean energy for their own needs, but will also produce even more than necessary with a high probability of profit and quick return of initial investment.

The philosophy of photovoltaic facades is to produce clean electric energy by the sun’s natural light through photovoltaic cells and other elements integrated in the glass façade. This complex technology, enabled by Aluflor for all ambitious projects in Albania, aims to be a pioneering technology of many future developments. The intellectual and technological investment by Aluflor is focused mainly in the field of development in order to increase the capacity of realizing projects that are real challenge for humankind in the 21st century.

Your advantages:

  • The glass facade and its elements produce clean electricity through photovoltaic cells that are integrated in the façade.
  • Zero level of pollution for the environment.
  • Applicable glass facades and facade elements which are designed to provide maximum energy efficiency.
  • Guaranteed performance, certified and patented for maximum efficiency for energy generation.
  • Guaranteed waterproof, thermally and acoustically insulated by the best parameters of a conventional facade.
  • Multiple combination possibilities in terms of architecture and aesthetics for modern and contemporary facades.
  • Low operational costs and maintenance.

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