MediaGlass Façade

MediaGlass facades are a perfect combination of advantages that glass facades can offer, as well as the ability to integrate a LED system of high-quality video transmitting for marketing purposes. Today one can see LED screens in new and modern buildings that promote advertising from the façade. But unlike others system, MediaGlass has solved all financial and technical issues, ranking this innovation as one of the greatest achievements in the field of architecture, construction and the latest LED technology, combined in a brilliant and efficient way.

A superior feature of MediaGlass façade is a glass panel that acts as an LED display, allowing you the ability to transmit any material of video and graphics at maximum quality with a very low cost of energy consumption, minimal operating costs, and programming / management opportunities through specific computer programs.

Simply put, if you desire to turn a glass facade in your project into a giant screen covering the whole (or just a part of the surface) to be used as an advertisement and business marketing tool  (without compromising the amount of light entering the building), Aluflor carries out the entire process of supplying, designing, implementing and certifying this new technology.

Your advantages:

  • Transparent glass façade with LED integrated system for broadcast quality video and graphics at the maximum day and night.
  • LED integrated system does not prevent light inside the building to be used with full functions.
  • Dimensions – unlimited display up to the whole facade.
  • Minimal energy consumption for transmission.
  • All parameters: thermal, acoustic and safety as a conventional façade.
  • Transmission façade can be programmed easily as long as you’re connected to the Internet.
  • Low maintenance costs and maximum guarantee from MediaGlass a plan just for your project

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