Stick Facade Systems

WICTEC stick system façades are flexible, tried-and-tested versatile solutions among WICONA’s wide range of façade systems and profiles. This extensive equipment option offers you optimum creative freedom by using state-of-the-art technology to ensure the highest levels of process security, from the planning stage through to completion. With narrow face widths of 50 and 60 mm, the system construction lends façades a particularly filigree appearance. Additional functions for security and maximum thermal insulation may be included simply and inexpensively, without compromising on aesthetics.

System technology:

  • Ideal for vertical and polygon façades, sloped glazing and spatial structures
  • Individual design thanks to a wide range of profile geometries for the structural and glazing profiles
  • Alternative: Industrial design for technical look of steel profiles
  • Reliable glass load transmission (up to 5.6 kN), with adapted transom-joint technology
  • Overlapping and secure drainage at the cross point, without mechanical mullion processing, ensures tried-and-tested impermeability
  • Filigree look without any change in appearance to the inner mullion and transom gaskets
  • Broad selection of profiles enables economic adaptation to structural requirements, with the additional option of internal reinforcement
  • Glazing from outside with visible or concealed screws
  • Extensive solutions for structure junctions and conservatories

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Additional options in identical design and technical set-up:

  • Passive house curtain wall
  • SG-design (integrated pressure profile)
  • Structural glazing curtain wall
  • Add-on curtain wall for steel and wood
  • Integrated sun protection
  • Fire protection curtain wall


Advantages of WICTEC at a glance:

  • Ideal for plane, vertical, angled and polygonal curtain walling
  • Perfect for sloped and three dimensional glass roofs, geometric constructions and conservatories
  • Individual design with an extensive range for the most diverse types of opening
  • Large variety of profiles for optimum creative freedom
  • Simple to enhance with additional functions such as burglar and bullet resistance as well as fire protection, without changing the appearance
  • Possible to execute with structural aluminium profiles or as an add-on system for wood or steel structures
  • Broad selection of profiles enabling economic adaptation to structural requirements and optimum use of materials.
  • Based on the WICONA Unisys principle: high level of process security, cost and time saving production, fewer tools required

System Specifications

Air Permeability Class AE
watertightness RE 1200
Resistance to Wind Load 200/ -3200Pa, security 3000/ -4800 Pa
Sound Insulation Rw (C;Cu) = 47 (-1; -4)dB
Impact Resistance Class E5/ I5
Bullet Resistance FB4
Quallity Assurance Certified according to ISO 9001:2008




Stick Curtain Wall Products:

WICTEC 50 SG look
WICTEC 50 SG look
WICTEC 50 Industry Contours
WICTEC 50 Industry Contours
WICTEC Glazed extensions & conservatories
WICTEC Glazed extensions & conservatories






WICTEC Fire protection
WICTEC Fire protection
WICTEC Burglar Resistance
WICTEC Burglar Resistance
WICTEC Bullet resistance
WICTEC Bullet Resistance



















Other Curtain Wall Systems:

Structural Glazing
Structural Glazing