Ventilated Facade

Ventilated type facade and wall coverings were developed to protect buildings against the combined action of rain and wind by counterbalancing the effects of water beating on walls and keeping the building dry, with high level aesthetic characteristics and undisputed advantages of heat insulation and soundproofing.

Your advantages:

  • Guarantee facade long-term reliability without repair demand. Overhaul period is up to 50 year depending on the materials used.
  • Increase protection against aggressive influence of external environment (atmospheric agents and following corrosion) on the bearing walls.
  • Provide wall protection and heat-insulation against atmospheric precipitation.
  • Protects bearing walls from moisture penetration (rain, condensation water, etc.) and facilitates its evaporation from the bearing wall surface (moisture represents one of the main dangers for any construction).
  • Create a favourable temperature condition in a building.
  • Ventilated facade construction prevents condensate from forming on the bearing wall and as a result resists mold inside of buildings.
  • Decrease of building warming costs up to 30% – energy cost saving effect.
  • Decrease of air- conditioning costs, thanks to decreased dispersion in the heat season – energy cost saving effect
  • Increase soundproofing function (up to 15 Db), which are not reachable with other traditional cladding designs.
  • Increase building protection against lightning stroke: cladding bear the function of screen protecting the electronic equipment inside the building
  • Provide low-cost maintenance service
  • Decrease of bearing walls thickness and increase of rentable building area accordingly.
  • Provide easy, rapid installation and decrease the whole project construction time
  • Provide easy reinstallation and repair procedure.
  • Open manifold possibilities for architectural design using diverse cladding materials, diverse colours, forms and shapes.
  • Provide possibility for application of dark colour materials, without increasing of inside building temperature by high external temperatures.

Ventilated Facades Systems:

Ceramic Tiles
Ceramic Tiles
Alucobond Panels
Alucobond Panels
Double Skin Curtain Wall
Double Skin Curtain Wall