Wicona is an exclusive German brand for advanced aluminum systems technology and high performance in energy saving efficiency for complex buildings and structures. Through their scientific department and continuous investment in research and improvement of technological parameters, Wicona has placed milestones in standards for energy efficiency by implementing the first buildings with zero-energy, which have been created by testing within the most extreme of climate conditions. Wicona’s systems have been proven successfully in harsh weather conditions, where temperatures below -40 degrees Celsius and wind speed that reaches 270 km / hour.

Buildings completed via Wicona have received international awards and continually break records in energy savings.

Over 40% of Wicona’s production are custom systems designed for unique buildings with a complex architectural plan, thanks to the technical staff, the engineers and select architects who design the future of building technology.

Wicona is part of the SAPA Group, which is a leader in the world of aluminum and facade systems with over 100 production facilities in 40 countries and over 23,500 employees.

Wicona employs well-known products such as WICTEC Façade profiles, WICLINE windows and WICSTYLE door systems. So far, Wicona has created an interesting portfolio which has been implemented very successfully in the most ambitious projects in Albania via Aluflor, enabling building certification according to standards of DGNB, LEED and BREEAM.

Aluflor is the only partner that may guarantee a successful design and construction by implementing the greatest technological innovations for your ultimate life-challenge, dream project or aspirations for breaking world records for quality design.