Mediaglass GbmH is the first company in the world to create a digital video glass facade with excellent quality transmission and broadcasting capabilities at very low operating costs.

The combination of the cutting edge digital technology, architecture and engineering has been developed by three partners LEUROCOM, BGT and EMC International.

Mediaglass has exceeded the limits of design and realization of one of the most prominent segments in communications and marketing, turning into a fleeting attraction for the best architects and most powerful investors across several continents.

Mediaglass revolutionized the concept of design, marketing and communication through an intelligent, ingenius system of integration.

Mediaglass enables glass facades to transform into a giant LED screen with high quality transmission and low energy consumption, translating it into an extraordinary means for marketing opportunities. Besides creating technological innovations, the screen façade still allows much of the natural light to enter into the building and interior spaces, and moreover, LED facade has an all power-saving setting, protection and security for acoustic insulation.

This technology over the last few years has arrived to Albania through ALUFLOR’s assistance in enabling architects, designers and investors to turn their projects into masterpieces of architecture and a profitable tool for modern business without compromising any of the advantages of a standard facade.