Social Responsibility

ALUFLOR Construction Group’s main principle is social responsibility and environmental protection by its promotion and development, a very important human quality which has to be expressed by any means. Although financial resources to run an honest business in Albania are never enough, ALUFLOR believes that every company and individual has the opportunity to contribute financially, morally or in any other form the aspects of upholding social responsibilities. Every employee in ALUFLOR has been given a strong message about what we are and about contributing to the society and the environment beginning with their first interview, with this motto:

“No matter how profitable a business or individual is, it cannot be considered a success if it does not contribute to improving the lives of people in need and protecting the environment”

Aluflor-sponsored Bicycling Event


Aluflor celebrate 1st of June at the orphanage of Shkodra


Aluflor offers scholarships to the children of fallen officers in duty


Aluflor assists children, victims of ‘blood-feud’s in Shkodra, 2014

Shtepia e femijes

Aluflor assists orphanage in Korca, 2014


Aluflor celebrate New Years’ Eve at an orphanage in Saranda, 2013


Aluflor assists an orphanage in Korca, 2015