LED Facade

MediaGlass Facade is a glass facade with a LED integrated display which broadcasts maximum quality video for commercial purposes, bringing a unique combination of modern architecture and marketing with high energy-saving parameters.

This brand new technique has ultra-saving properties for low power transmission and is the only system that allows natural light throughout the building premises. This system has a very low operating cost, and can be easily managed through a mobile phone or computer application allowing easy access of control over the system from any place around the world, only requirement is to have Internet connection.

Modern buildings with glass façades employ this technology in order to transform the outer facade of their building in a very profitable advertising tool without losing any feature, advantage nor benefit for the domestic facilities.

Statistically, LED screens on facade draws more attention from bystanders’ and pedestrians at a rate of 70% more than regular window facades, resulting studies conducted by experts and marketing consultants. It’s goes without saying one should take into consideration how extremely profitable and long-term this investment can be.

Aluflor brings this complex and very special technology to ambitious designers and investors who wish to challenge and overcome the limits of fantasy in designing and benefit.

Advantages of LED facade:

  • Higher quality transmission achieved in LED screens
  • Special Architecture without compromising transparency and natural light in the building
  • Low operating cost in comparison with conventional LED screens
  • Profitable business opportunities with numerous variations of marketing
  • High quality product with possibility of video transmission, which adds value to the facade, providing all the parameters of thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Lower maintenance costs with a maximum guarantee