Ceramic Ventilated Façade 2

Ventilated facade with tiles have been a very  popular choice of architects around the world since the 18th century due to the high stability of the natural material and the variations it offers in architecture and the building appearance. Since the first steps and the latest tests results it is proven that they have excellent performance in all directions and particularly the high efficiency for energy savings and longevity of the material for more than 100 years. Ventilated facades with tiles can be widely considered as a luxury of the construction industry, but only specialized audience knows its true advantages. It is a fact that related to technology and art the more we stay close to natural materials the more we are closer to perfection, specifically the ventilated facades with tiles that Aluflor offers is a product which in technical terms, functionality and architecture is a colorful version of nature façade. Imagine a special façade of titanium dioxide that just because of contact with natural light it reacts as a catalyst to activate oxygen with an efficiency of  70 trees per 1000 m2 of facade and at the same time acting against bacteria, dirt and germs from the surface, always by keeping clean the surface of the facade. In the first rain  the entire facade with hydrophilic surfaces for self-cleaning will stay fresh as the just came from the factory. This German product is comes to Albania by Aluflor with a normal cost likewise all the  quality products in this field.

Your advantages:

  • Over 400 different colors and types of surfaces as well as the option of custom colors or designs of the facade offer visually endless architectural combinations.
  • High energy efficiency. Maximizing thermal insulation for the wall and is ideal for building facades with ZERO energy consumption.
  • Effective air cleaning. It produces oxygen with the efficiency of 70 trees per 1000 m2 facade.
  • Self-cleaning effect through hydrophilic surface.
  • Materials that never freezes, indestructible by any climatic factor
  • Natural material, fireproof surface and colors resistant up to 1200 degrees Celsius which is the temperature of baking.
  • Natural ventilation and water flow solution in the form of complexes.
  • High level of acoustic insulation.
  • Very low cost of maintenance.