Alucobond Ventilated Façade 2

Alucobond is the first and original brand of aluminum composite panel and the most famous  worldwide. Alucobond is the only product in this area which offers freedom for unique design in order to express stylish architectural façade designs with exclusive advantages as high resistance to extreme, guarantee-tested for over 40 years in every atmospheric condition, low weight, energy efficiency, flexibility, easy and quick  installation and much more. For over 40 years of implementation in many countries of the world with numerous variations of surfaces, colors and advantages, makes Alucobond a very favorite material by the architects with the most challenging fantasy for design.

Alucobond facades are placed in the category of ventilated facades for building and provides thermal and acoustic performance, guaranteeing the certification in accordance with the highest standards.

Alucobond facade must be designed and installed according to the elements and details approved by manufacturers and experts in order not to compromise the safety and longevity of the facade with all the aesthetic features guaranteed for long.

Aluflor, as exclusive partner and the only company that has introduced and promoted Alucobond in Albania provides all application methods and practices for each project challenge you may have.

Your advantages:

  • Protection for the building from climatic factors as well as longevity
  • Increased thermal and acoustic performance of the building and significant energy savings.
  • Unlimited design for the external facades as well as the interior.
  • Wide range of colors and surfaces, as well as special customization.
  • Certification guarantee as incombustible material and fire resistant.
  • Hugh resistant materials to atmospheric factors and industrial pollution. Tested for over 40 years in real conditions.
  • Special environmental certification.